Monday, October 29, 2007

Zheng He..China's Greatest Maritime Hero..

Well my Friends, How can I go around blogging in the Wu Ji without ever giving a mention about one of the greatest Mariner's of all time?
We all read chapters in abundance on the journeys of Christopher Columbus but the Great Zheng Ho of China never gets a look in!
I have to say our history teaching in the West surely needs a revamp if it wants to be a hell of a lot more fair and balanced otherwise everything would end up a bit like the Oreilly Factor! Not that I don't find him entertaining and I do agree with a lot of what he has to say, but we need two sides of the coin to flip and Zheng He needs to be given equal at least creditbilty, if I may say so, if not more, than our European counterparts of the time. I am not going to waffle on about his life as there are loads of sites that will elaborate on his existence but I wanted just to give my 2 cents and shine a lantern on the man that has been greatly neglected in our history lessons at school. Let's take note and rectify that..
Here are some links on the Great man Himself. I hereby pay tribute to you Master Zheng He..

1. Remember Zheng He!

2. Zheng He in Wikipedia

3. The Admiral of the Wetern Seas

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Here are two more links of interest.

You will be surprised to learn that the Chinese actually did much more.