Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I just married a Chinese..

I am reviving this blog again as I was very busy with other things. I want to say how happy I am now finally married to my Chinese Prince so I am now officially a YAN JIA REN.
We didn't do a fancy wedding as we have no family here in Richmond, BC but hope to do a proper wedding once we see our families again.
I want to learn Chinese soon so that when I visit his PARENTS in China I will be able to converse with them.
Let's see when we can do that..

I would love to have a traditional Chinese wedding with all the trimmings but let's see. Both of us don't drink Alcohol so we will have to sip very little wine or get the fake stuff lol.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A new Dawn.

I haven't posted here for a while due to traveling but I am back now and want to continue and build this blog up to what it used to be. I have just turned vegetarian and am enjoying many Buddhist stories about various Buddhist Saints and their exploits which are quite fascinating and one in particular Arya Avalokite is a veyr popular Bodhisattva and to the Chinese He is identified as KWAN SHI YIN PUSA, as when he came back to Earth to help everyone again he appeared to the Chinese as a girl called Miao Shan which means 'much goodness'.

Here is a lovely DHARANI that is all about Avalokite and I hope you can enjoy the music as much as I do. I have many versions of this in Chinese, Vietnamese and Sanskrit renditions and they are all lovely. There is even an upbeat disco version which has become very popular with Buddhists around the World, especially the younger ones.
Please enjoy.

Great Compassionate Heart Dharani

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Du Mu, an Exquisite Chinese Poet.

One of my favourite Chinese poets has to be Du Mu. His eloquence and style sweeps me off my feet to a Land not only far away but to a place one only visits in dreams and even then quite rarely.
His other names were Muzhi Fachuang and he lived in the late Tang Dynasty where poetry in China was thriving and art in general was very much in flourishing mode. Although he held public office he never got too high up in the ranks as he had jealous enemies around him. He loved to compose lyrical poetry and pose in a romantic style.

Here is just one of his poems that will set you in a light mood.

Pure Brightness Festival
Du Mu

Pure Brightness time rain disordered and confused
Road on traveler almost broken spirit
Politely ask inn what place be
Shepherd boy far point apricot blossom village
At the time of the Pure Brightness festival, the rain is swirling round,
On the road, the spirit of the traveler is almost broken.
He politely asks at what place an inn can be found?
A shepherd boy points far away to apricot blossom village.

You can find more here: CHINESE POETRY

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chinese Culture.

We all know that Chinese Culture is steeped not only in history but also in the deepest crevices of our imagination, full of intrigue and mystery.
In the next few blog posts I want to cover many great angles of Chinese Culture and History that have helped to shape this great nation and despite whatever naysayers would like to point out, China was and still IS a Great Nation among nations. I am not saying this out of bias or personal opinion as the facts recorded over time speak for themselves.
It isn't enough that the camps for and against China rage on..no..it is the endless souls that have passed through this culturally enriched land that will tell their story as it is with no frills or embellishments.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't trash the Beijing Olympics anymore.

So many people want to trash and boycott the Olympics and go on and on about Human rights before they they are fisxing what is wrong in their own back garden. At least for a few weeks we should all try to see the best in people and get on and look for real solutions to the World Problems at Large instead of always pointing the finger at China just because it has a booming economy and a large population.
I don't want to spoil the buoyant mood of the athletes in Beijing trying so hard to compete in a friendly and peaceful environment.
They can concentrate on getting rid of Gitmo at least for the next two weeks and let the rest of the World enjoy something nice and safe. There is too much ugliness in the World and finding something pretty to latch on to isn't a bad thing. If the Chinese are trying to show their best face to the world then let them. At least they are trying to create something beautiful in a troubled world.

Showcasing China.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Looking Forward to the Beijing Olympics.

I am really looking forward to the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. Politics aside, it is going to be a fun, festive and full of colour celebration of the diversity and unity of Human kind. I really wish I was there but I will have to watch it from my television screen.
I love Chinese Culture as you all know, well at least the best of what China has to offer and I have a feeling that these Olympic Games are going to be beautiful as well as enchanting for all of us who wish to partake in it whether as spectators or Olympic Athletes. I wish personally every one the best for these coming days and I will be on the edge of my seat watching the games.
Let's sit back and enjoy and not let our minds get involved with the darker side of Human Nature. That does not mean though that we mustn't be vigilant at all times.

Monday, July 21, 2008

China town in London.

Despite being jet lagged after my Trans Atlantic flight from New York I decided to take my Son to China Town in London for his belated Birthday meal after a good clothes shopping escapade in the West End as he adores Chinese food and has even adopted a Chinese name he likes that he chose from an Anime Movie.
He has given himslef another a.k.a Bai Long which means white dragon and it is true his colour is as white as milk lol and so he has another name now Yan Bai Long which is my Fiance's surname and his new Chinese name..
We had some awesome crispy duck along with another four course meal and are coming back for more on Sunday as Ipromised to take him to Covent Garden to have a look around too.
China Town in London has some peng restaurants and also a great shop to get Chinese art supplies. I am thinking of stocking up on a calligraphy pen and some ink at least..