Monday, July 21, 2008

China town in London.

Despite being jet lagged after my Trans Atlantic flight from New York I decided to take my Son to China Town in London for his belated Birthday meal after a good clothes shopping escapade in the West End as he adores Chinese food and has even adopted a Chinese name he likes that he chose from an Anime Movie.
He has given himslef another a.k.a Bai Long which means white dragon and it is true his colour is as white as milk lol and so he has another name now Yan Bai Long which is my Fiance's surname and his new Chinese name..
We had some awesome crispy duck along with another four course meal and are coming back for more on Sunday as Ipromised to take him to Covent Garden to have a look around too.
China Town in London has some peng restaurants and also a great shop to get Chinese art supplies. I am thinking of stocking up on a calligraphy pen and some ink at least..


Rachel said...

I love the new look to your blog!

Martha said...

Want to be there someday.

fibonacci said...

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