Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Looking Forward to the Beijing Olympics.

I am really looking forward to the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. Politics aside, it is going to be a fun, festive and full of colour celebration of the diversity and unity of Human kind. I really wish I was there but I will have to watch it from my television screen.
I love Chinese Culture as you all know, well at least the best of what China has to offer and I have a feeling that these Olympic Games are going to be beautiful as well as enchanting for all of us who wish to partake in it whether as spectators or Olympic Athletes. I wish personally every one the best for these coming days and I will be on the edge of my seat watching the games.
Let's sit back and enjoy and not let our minds get involved with the darker side of Human Nature. That does not mean though that we mustn't be vigilant at all times.


Wanderer@ said...

China is strong and now that it is being held in their home base, they will be stronger and i guess will be winning agaib.

WebbieStuffs said...

Hurray to the Olympics and i hope all for good and for the unity of the nations.

Martin55577 said...

China is amazing.