Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't trash the Beijing Olympics anymore.

So many people want to trash and boycott the Olympics and go on and on about Human rights before they they are fisxing what is wrong in their own back garden. At least for a few weeks we should all try to see the best in people and get on and look for real solutions to the World Problems at Large instead of always pointing the finger at China just because it has a booming economy and a large population.
I don't want to spoil the buoyant mood of the athletes in Beijing trying so hard to compete in a friendly and peaceful environment.
They can concentrate on getting rid of Gitmo at least for the next two weeks and let the rest of the World enjoy something nice and safe. There is too much ugliness in the World and finding something pretty to latch on to isn't a bad thing. If the Chinese are trying to show their best face to the world then let them. At least they are trying to create something beautiful in a troubled world.

Showcasing China.


Renee said...

No commenting on atrocity does not make it go away. I do agree that it is hypocritical of the US to talk about human rights considering what has happened at GITMO however when they do so rationale thinking people are aware of this.

Sara said...

I have enjoyed watching

desperateblogger said...

the Beijing olympics is tops in my list of a well-oragnized series of events. bravo!

people might not understand the rigidity implemented by the Chinese gov't so let me refresh their minds.. China is still a red republic!

chicanohek said...

i am with you, lets find the positive instead of focusing on the negative!


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