Monday, November 26, 2007


Well I am having to travel back to the U.K soon and will miss the man I am leaving behind. We exchanged parting gifts yesterday. He bought me a lovely traditional Chinese dress and I got him an agate pendant carved with a monkey riding a horse which according to Chinese tradition is for the monkey to have his wish comes true. Jia Wu is a monkey in the Chinese Zodiac so I wanted to give him something with meaning. Well we ladies love our dresses so I was well pleased with my prezzie. I leave this post today with a poem I wrote for him at lunch time.

the winds, they blow ferociously, trying hard to block my mind..
But my little heart relentless, soldiers on and never Does abate.
Blind bolders are set forth to crush me, but can never see..
That my love lives on in all that is and all that will ever be.

Jia Wu, your name is haunting, like a ghost so faithful, true.
If ever you decide to leave me, your name will just remain..
The winds will carry it across the four corners of this world.
And as I depart into the Next..Will carry it there on..

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