Thursday, December 6, 2007


Why not visit London, one of Europe's most cosmopolitan capitals. With an array of internatio0nal restaurants and fantastic Shopping in places like the famous Oxford Street. With plenty of transport, like buses and trains, one may hop around the City and find many attractions. Museums like the Victoria And Albert, Sicence and Natural Hostory or for more relaxing times, one may visit the numerous parks, like Regents Park or the famous Hyde Park.
The London Eye is a must to see, along with Madame Tussauds, the famous House of Wax. Hotels in London are easy to find at great prices too. You can also find a hotel with lots of extras thrown in for free, leaving you extra in your pocket to do that ever so enticing shopping.
Another beautiful city city to visit while traveling to England is Birmingham, where there is plenty to see and do there also. Hotels in Birmingham are great for value without compromising on comfort ofcourse and there are a number of good ones to choose from. For a relaxing stroll you may visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses, which actually consists of six different gardens. Or you may want to grab yourself a nice hot curry in the Balti Triangle, a place famed for numerous Pakistani restaurants oozing with spice and flavour from the Orient. For something quite traditionally English you may want to visit Aston Hall, the last Jacobean House built of its kind in 1618.
What about going further North to the grand city of Manchester? Hotels in Manchester come with wonderful views and at even better prices, leaving you with lots of spare cash to enjoy the city. There is lots to do in Manchester, from visitng Old Trafford, the greeat football Stadium or the Manchester Equestrian centre for the horseriding enthusiasts. Having a working class History, you can viusit the Peopel's Museum to find out how life was in Manchester over the past years. There is even a large size Chinatown in Manchester, for those looking for a taste of the Orient. Visiting England can be both exciting and fun for the Tourist or local.

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