Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beautiful Barcelona.

Why not take a well deserved holiday and visit the beautiful and elegant city of Barcelona? If you are into the Gothic scene you will be well pleased to be able to visit the Gothic quarter or Berri Goti as it is named with all its gothic architectural delights. This is where the old city of Barcelona is situated and it is very quaint to the eye. It is situated right next to the La Rambla which is the large pedestrianized road that runs through Barcelona and is well known to the Locals. Locating La Ramblas Hotels is not a problem and you can find them all year round at great discounts.
Barcelona has a mild and Mediterranean climate with nice hot summers reaching around 36/37 degrees centigrade. There winters are a little humud but never too frightfully cold. There are beaches close by nalesly Barceloneta beach and Icaria to name but a few so there is no problem finding Barcelona Hotels on the beach for those that want to enjoy a good swim or chill by the sea and sand. If you want to refesh yourself in a green space then the Ciudatella Park is the place for you. This is a welcome patch of green in the heart of the sun kissed city and here also you can get good deals on Barcelona Hoteles.
If you are looking for more historical sites and architectural masterpieces why not visit Gaudi's Casa Batilo which is an astonishing piece of work by this great Architect that ornates this great city. It was commissioned for a wealthy Barcelonian Aristocrat. You will not be left disappointed, not by the scenery, the people or the choice of Barcelon Hotels at great locations as well as at excellent prices for your pocket, leaving you more money to spend on your vacation and enjoy.

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