Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chinese Cakes and Sweets..

When I was in the U.S and living in China town for a few months I got addicted to Chinese cakes, my favourite was called Canoli. My Beloved would bring me one home every afternoon and I would eat it with my English cup of tea with milk. I love Chinese cakes because they are not too sweet but they are just sweet enough for me. There was also a delightful Chocolate mousse that I adored but it was more expensive..actually at 2.45 bucks it was the most expensive of the lot but I used to love eating that one on the weekends as my end of week treat. I hate it that I have a sweet tooth but those cakes are lovely. I do a lot of exercise though and don't drink and smoke so that really is my only eating vice..but I have to enjoy something in my life otherwise I would go mad lol.

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