Monday, January 14, 2008

Chinese Flowers.

I really love exotic flowers and China has its fair share. Like here in the West China also has certain flowers that symbolize certain things and when giving a gift one has to take note of the age group of the recipients as even this has a bearing oon the right choice of floaral present.
Wong Yee Lee gives a definitive guide and explanation on Chinese flowers that I found fascinating reading
Notable plum flowers are extremely fragrant and exquisite to look at and they were once the emblem flower of China. We mostly associate chrysanthemums, Lilies and lotus flowers as being the most popular Chinese flowers but there are a host of others to choose from such as the Azalea and Narcissus flowers too. In art, calligraphy and paintings flowers often play a crucial part in expressing what the canvas is trying to reveal to its admirers. Flowers in Chinese culture have a language that is totaly their own.

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