Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chinese Heroes..

Whwn I look at what the World is coming to and see that so many people lose sight of what really matters, including myself at times, ..I try to take a deep breath and look for some inspiration from the Past.
Searching out for long lost Heroes helps me to find hope when hope eludes me, courage, when I am too blind to see it in myself and determination when i feel that every thing good seems to be far away like in a mirage. But today, looking introspectively at my own struggle I felt the need to reflect on millions of Chinese heroes and Heroins..The countless men and women in the fields, toiling endlessly on the farms to keep the Nation in one piece. We don't have to just look at some outstanding personality that just happened to get a look in by the local historians of the time.
So this page is dedicated to all the farmers from time imemorial working so endlessly hard on the farms in rural China.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to those who work the land. As a former farmer/rancher, I can appreciate these sentiments.

diecaster (Sherry's Hubby! surprise!)