Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chinese Inventions..Part 1.

Oh dear if I have to write about another poker site this week my hair will stand on end lol..never mind, it helps pay for my online expenses though I am toying with the idea to get a domain name for this blog and tweak it a bit. What do you think guys?
Well I want to refresh my brain and yours and talk a little about China's great historic past. China has contributed so much to the world at large and has given birth to so many inventions that the rest of us should at least be a tad bit grateful for instead of cussing the Chinese always about the toys they export or their trade surplus!
Well I come from a country that has been riddled with earhtquakes, Greece of course, and I am well happy to find that 132 AD the first known seismoscope was invented by..yeap you got it a Chinese Gent/ Pholosopher by the name of Chang Heng.
You will find plenty of info on this site all about the history of this magnificant artefact. I thought this was a novel invention worth mentioning, well we all know about gun powder right?
Here is some really enlightening info: Chang Heng's Gem.

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