Monday, January 28, 2008

Martial Arts Gems.

If you want to learn the truth about Martial Arts and close combat training then you must visit the site of Captain Chris Pizzo, a true Exponent of the Art and Teacher. He is a World Leader In Self Defence and has now developed a system that you can test drive on his site for close combat training. He has written numerous articles about The Truth About Martial Arts and goes on to dispel the myths that are associated with this mystic training.
Having so much wealth of experience behind him and also the long period of dedication to the teaching and refining of his Art, Captain Chris has re defined Close Combat training and brought it into a class of its own. If you peruse through the site at your leisure you will see how much effort has been placed into detail and perfection to bring you a powerful formula of fighting prowess along with wisdom and courage. You will find the invaluable information not only informative, but entertaining and enlightening, and viewing one great man's journey into a heightened world of combat get an insight into your own capabilities.
So when you log on to Captain Chris's Close Combat traing site please don't forget to check out the trial and the numerous articles ranging from real customer stories to methodology of close combat unique to Captain Chris. You will find more exciting features with the interactive videos that will bring the Art alive to you.

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