Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mixed they work?

Now with the Advent of cheaper travel and global destabalization. One sees more inter faith and inter racial marriages than ever before. There are many camps pro and against Mixed Marriage but I must admit I am all for it, even if I failed with the first one. The things though I would take into account are the cultural differences as this may lead to more friction and tension way down the line, especially if there are chuldren involved. If just based on physical attraction alone, it is most likely doomed to fail as beauty fades with age but the habits last a lifetime. Also if you are not used to compromising and sharing to a large degree, then again better keep away. If though you love to share, exchange Ideas and are good at negotiating, then go for it as these are the core elements in a successful mixed marriage. I hope I end up like the two in the picture above next year. We will elaborate further in more posts.

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