Thursday, January 24, 2008

Romantic Ireland.

If you want to go whisk away your Beloved in a world of romance and fairy tales then the Emerald Isle better known as Ireland is the place for you. It is the green getaway paradise for Lovers of all ages. Whether getting married and embarking on a honeymoon or just planning a wedding anniversary a few years down the line, Ireland has many gems to offer the adventurous Traveller.
You will find Ireland Hotels warm and hospitable and the rice value even more enticing with all year round bargains to help you make the right choices.
It is a Dream land of endless castles that are not just a piece of dead history. Many have been restored and converted into luxury accommodation for the discerning Visitor. There have even been epic films produced on site like Braveheart which left many viewers in tears. The scenery is enough to take any one's breath away.
Dublin's fair city has many delights on offer like the Dublin Castle that is still used for official State events and other great sites such as Dublin's Viking Adventure which is a trip down memory lane to the time of the Vikings which should be quite fun and amusing. Dublin Hotels
Cork is the utmost place for romance and fresh air with wild rugged landscapes and fresh flowers in the Spring, this is a place to create unforgettable memories. There are some very intriguing sites to visit here like the Blackrock castle observatory for the enthusiastic Astronomer and plenty of golf courses if gold is your scene as a more relaxing adventure. You will find very quaint Cork Hotels with comfort and value going hand in hand to bring extra happiness to the romantic couples visiting, leaving more cash to buy that unexpected souvenir for that special loved one.
If it is excitement and the hustle and bustle of city life that you are after then Belfast is the place to visit with plenty of historical and political stories to keep you well occupied on your stay there. The city centre has great shopping facilities which will definitely put a smile on everyone's face and a visit to historical Belfast is a must with the City Hall as a great example of fine classical renaissance style architecture. You can also take a long romantic walk through victorian Belfast and the Ttanic trail just to make your visit extra sentimental and by nightfall you can rest in beautifully embellished Belfast Hotels that will enhance your luxurious holiday especially with the price tag that is great all year round and there are many hotels that offer free extras just to please you even more.
are dotted all around the city and can be always found at great prices with last minute deals for that spontaneous decision.

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