Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Donate your car.

How about saving yourself money on your yearly tax returns and at the same time helping others in the process? You might be asking how on Earth can that be possible? Well if you join the special charity Donate Car schemes that are currrently running and proving very popular you will be able to do this and without the stress and strains of having to go through the process of trying to find a buyer. Whatever condition your vehicle is in, even if it is only worth to go to the scrap heap, it will be an invaluable prize for many people suffering all over the Globe.
The process is easy. At the click of a mouse and in the comfort of your own home all you have to do is log online at your leisure and get in touch with this special organization that arranges to pick up your vehicle at no cost to you, as the pick up costs are free, then sells it on places like Ebay and the money collected funds one of the chairites the Organization is representing.
Do you know how many single Mothers, Tenns and children that need refuge you may be helping with your contribution? All the monies collected go to extremely worthy causes and your donations are not just limited to cars or vehicles. If you have a boat or plane or trailer, you can donate that too and the same process as the car collection will apply here too.
Many educational videos are produced also with the money raised to help the growth of anti drug awareness and also bring some light to many stuck in prison that want a better way to follow. Many lives are saved through these educational tools plus the worry and grief that would have been caused through more loss of life from drugs and related crimes.
The latest anti drug video is finished now and is available for distribution at schools, churches and civic group centres so this will help many people gain the wareness they need to help their kids avoid this menace. Please peruse through the site and view all the projects that are currently running and when you have an item like this to donate, don't just get rid of it but think about helping numerous lives and preventing more crime.

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