Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spain is beautiful.

If you are contemplating on visiting Spain for your next vacation why not go to Torremolinos in Southern Spain to relax and enjoy the sunshine through the cold winter months. You will find Costa Del Sol Torremolinos Hotels extremely comfortable and very reasonably priced with all year round special offers. There is a large British expatriate population living here and fromn a tiny fishing village in the 1050's Torremolinos has grown into a large beach resort with many people of all ages flock to enjoy the waves and good food.
If you want more glitz and glamour why not head to Marbella where the Glitterati hang out and live up their life. Many wealthy people, especially from Northern Europe like Marbella for it's golfing facilities among other benefits. Being an Andalucian Town, Marbella is steeped in History and you will find everything from The Arabian Wall to a bonsai museum. Of course you don't have to pay sky high prices to enjoy your stay in Marbella as Costa Del Sol Marbella Hotels offer fantastic amenities at super prices which make it affordable for the average Traveller without burining into his or pockets.
Benidorm is a fun resort and equates to the Blackpool location in the U.K! It has thesem parks and cabarets, long beaches and fun to do thing s for all the family. It is the package holiday dream for those on a budget but also has a lot to offer for those who don't have much time for long haul holidays. It is situatiated in Costa Blanca and the weather is great in the Summer months. It is extremely popular with Brits and is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations for the young crowd and families alike. Benidorm Hotels are cheap and cheeful without lacking any of the luxuries you would expect on a holiday resort. There are all year round special deals so you won't miss out whenever you decide to take a break.
If you are visiting Barcelona, only 35 miles away is the pretty town of Sitches, most famous for its carnival and great night life. It is a beach town also which means apart from all the historical attributes it contains, you can also enjoy its trendy beach front. There is also a film festival that takes place there and a large Gay community congregates there every year. Sitches Barcelona Hotels are both quaint and fully equipped with all that you need and you can visit and enjoy at great discounted prices.

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