Sunday, March 9, 2008

Identity theft protection.

Why not get some great hints and tips by reading up on the comments on the blog that has so much information that can help you make a valid and informed choice for protecting your identity and your credit.
This company is both unique in its approach to identity theft protection solutions and also offers great solutions too. The company is so confident as to what it has to offer that the todd davis life lock advert that is covering a bus has the CEO's social security number all over the place, yeap Todd Davis has his number for everyone to see which shows the safety and security Lifelock has to offer its customers. It is unique in its advertising campaign as it is with the identity theft program that it offers. There are so many benefits for the customers of life lock insurance that many others are jealous of what this company provides that they are going on a campaign to malign the good name of Lifelock but all they are managing to do is give more free publicity to a company that has protected so many people from the scammers and hackers online and offline that are trying to hurt the wallets and identities of so many citizens around the Globe. You get so much also with the lifelock promotion code as well as one month's free protection and money off the annual membership.

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