Saturday, April 26, 2008

24 step tai ji in the park.

The great thing about New York is that as long as the weather holds out you can go out and do what you like, well within reason. Nice thing is that doing tai ji in the park doesn't raise eyebrows and is quite the norm here in China Town. We get up nice and early with my Beloved and go downstairs to the local park and start a round of Tai Ji. I was doing the 108 yang famly postures before and am trying to remember them once again but also joining in the simplified 24 step Tai Ji rounds which are a collection of postures makiing it a shortened version.
We do some qi gong to get the old knees cracking a bit, then some exercises then an arty fary version of the form.well until we can get it more accurate of course.
It is fun and makes me feel much healthier now. Sometimes we go down twice a day. It is well worth the exercise. I highly recommend it.

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