Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kinoki Foot Pads.

Kinoki reviews are informative, witty and on the verge of deranged to say the least. Many have tried and tested Kinoki Foot Pads and some swear by it as the detox panacea from Japan and others say they haven't seen much effect from using them. Now we all know that holistic therapies may not always work immediately and effectively on some clients and all these natural therapies DO take time to work. There is no harm in trying a Kinoki Detox that is for sure and unless one tries them for themselves, one would never really know. There are even mini kinoki detox eye patches to match the foot pads.

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Saph said...

Have you tried these?? I've been very curious about these. I guess if you don't have a specific ailment, you won't tell if it works or not.