Thursday, March 15, 2007

THE HUNKY GENERAL YUE FEI and another song..

Well firstly I have to apologise for not updating but we had a death in the family and although our relative lived abroad it still tugged at my heart. My Mum is also away from me at the moment so there isn't much I can do but pray and try to be strong for all my family. I had mixed feelings about singing another song so soon after my auntie had died but they all know I love singing and in a way I feel that wherever she is now..that she would prefer I rejoice and be happy for her rather than be miserable. So here is my rendition of JING ZHONG BAO GUO. It's a song written in honour of General YUE FEI...Another Great Chinese Hero..
Today I will give you the song and if God grants me life, tomorrow I will write about this Handsome Warrior.



Josette said...

Hi there,

I believe that we agreed to exchange links. I've added your links to my blog and I don't see mine in yours.


Enchanting poetess said...

hmm finally I heard this one too, ya ya its been long due from my side now. Again you sing very well yanji, I like the tone of your voice, very well suited to the Chinese language. Well done!:)