Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well the time came for me to blast my way through The Cyber Realms and so after an extremely exhausting day my hubby decided to hand me the microphone and urged me to chill and sing. So I took him up on it as he was avidly keen to test the new software he had just downloaded.

This song NANER is one of my favourite Chinese songs of all time. It makes my whole body light up with an electrifying high voltage charge. Even if I am half dead it has the power to revive me.
If any of you have seen Jet Li's movie Once upon a time in China , plus the sequals you must have been somewhat captivated by the theme song. The music is very old called 'ON THE GENERAL'S ORDERS'..It is a marching song but lyrics were put to it and arranged by the late artist WONG JIM..

Here is my humble offering to you from the depths of my heart..

China! I am at your feet............


Cateyes said...

I love your song; you have a beutiful voice. Keep up the good work with your blog and keep on singing.

Josette said...

Hey there, you've been tagged! Come check out my blog. =)

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged by me, please check it out in my blog