Tuesday, April 3, 2007

CHINESE NUN..even in death shows us her miracle!

Well I never expected to see something like this 'Made in China' yesterday!!
When my hubby showed me this I got goosebumps. It is a miracle for all to see. Whatever your religious persuasion, this surely can make you reflect and think that there is indeed a Higher Power which every one of us can reach if we really want it. If we are not capable of that, looking towards those that can makes us at least feel in awe and humbled at such a great and beautiful sight.
To get to the point, I would like to introduce this Nun who just passed away at the ripe old age of 94. As you all know, Buddhists get cremated so when she was cremated..instead of just her ashes appearing..this happened..
Holy relics appeared..Her ashes took the shape of Lord Buddha and there were pearl like rocks all around. No ashes as we would know them. She Must have been so pure in heart that she had reached 'Buddhahood' or in western ways we would liken her to a saint.
Her name is Nang Kuang..Time for us to reflect on some Higher things I guess..
You can view up above the pic of her remains..as you can see they are definately not your regular pile of ashes are they?

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