Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well I have only a few more days before I have to fly across the ocean back to England. I am still in heavy pining mode, even though I am trying to savour the last days I have to share with my Beloved JIA WU!
So here are a few more poems in His honour..

Destiny writes her sacred simbols in the sand
The tears of Li Jufang catch them like falling stars
When will the Hand of Heaven come to rescue her?
As she drowns in the current of her plight?

The song of radiant silence is sleeping in her breath
Put your hand on her heart and and you may also hear
The beat that resonates so pure, through every living thing
More priceless 'tis than Jade, the colour, evergreen..

I climb the Yellow Mountain as i paint your neck with kisses..
Was it not the Artist's brush that had painted this love wild?
I search each of the Heavens and see sprawled letters of your name,
My lips are swelling with red ink!..........Let me lose myself again.

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