Friday, August 3, 2007

My Beloved's Birthplace...Part 1..

Well well well, have all my friends missed me at all?
I know I have been busy with trying to build the Yan Empire, oh dear I should re phrase that lol..My online business activities so my creative side has floundered a little bit. But I am back in China, my virtual China until I can get that golden ticket and visit it in real life.
You will not believe where my handsome prince comes from will you?
It's the land full of hunky QI MEN running around the Shaolin Temple of course. I tell you what, if they were not ruddy monks I bet you they would be China's greatest export after silk and casinos lol!!!
Jia Wu comes from Henan Province, Home to the Sung Dynasty Emperors and to fighting warrior men and I hope in the next few online episodes I can entice you into coming on this journey with me into his mysterious birthplace.......


Rachel said...

Welcome back! Please note that I have now changed my domain name of my blog to so if you currently link to me (as I do to you) please could you update your link. Thank you very much.


Yanjiaren said...

hello Rachel was just thinking about you!..will update your link too tomorrow as i have internet again at last..will send an email too!!
massive hug..