Saturday, August 4, 2007

Buff hunks IN HANFU!!!

Oh no not them again lol you must be saying to yourself. Well I must admit I do find men in dresses very very enticing lol and if I had my way I would have my Hubby frolic around in the Traditional Chinese Garb better known as Han Fu or Clothes of the Han People..well something to that effect. I saw a pic of one such Hunk in a supermarket somewhere!! I just was so beside myself that this image has been transfixed in my mind permanently. The girls look just as fit in these most beautiful costumes and I do hope one day I can get hold of one. I saw some advertised on Taobao, the Chinese kind of Ebay site so I am going to do my best to buy one if I can get the currency over there sorted as they don't take paypal! Ouch!
It is becoming quite fashionable now this really really retro mode of dress and there are now quite a few designers making a name for themselves in Beijing like Li Da to check him out when I get the chance to visit!!
For now I have to savour the pic of the Mysterious Trolley Pusher..!!!
Zai nar oh Trolley Pusher? You can shove me in your trolley any day lol!!!

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