Monday, August 6, 2007

Zhengzhou...the home of the QI MEN! Part 1.

O.k you will be asking me.."why the heck are you writing about Zhengzhou?"
Well there is a very simple and biased answer to that is the birthplace of my Beloved Jia Wu..and the place of Qi Men..yes the Shaolin Monks..

Capital City of Henan province, it is famous for its history..having been the Capital of the Shang Dynasty well over 3,500 years ago. It is a hubbub for both tourists and arcehologists alike that migrate from all over China and Abroad. It is also home to the infamous Shaolin Temple and we don't need an introduction as to what this Great Centre of Spirituality exports do we? Martial arts of course.

Affectionately known as the Green City, Zhengzhouren (Zhengzhourites) are proud to boust that their city is a prime example of tree planting and a model Green zone in China.

Tomorrow we will savour Zhengzhou's tourist spots and the best places to visit and hang out in.
Here is just a small glimpse of what is instore for you...and me as I can't wait to visit my Mum-in-law one day, apparently she does some wicked Yang Family Tai Ji every morning.....perfect!

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