Thursday, August 9, 2007

Missing the other half of me today...

I was watching the news today and trying to configure many numbers and letters and an auspicious trip to China on the 08.08.08 with my Beloved..Yes in my dreams lol, we want to hop along to Beijing and take a look at that Bird's nest that is being built with both love and sweat from many a Beijingren and rens beyond Beijing no doubt as many a labourer clusters into the city from the provincial country side.
Here is a little poem I wrote for my Beloved again as my heart was etched with a warm feeling of anticipation mixed with missing and pining for him again. Oh no I have turned soppy again, can you really blame me?

Such worlds of innate beauty are slowly breaking down..
Each wall of dreams I built with my every loving thought...
Inside me they come crashing down and crumble at your feet.
What love is this that speaks harsh words without a loving touch?

The night set in with all it's weary overtones..
and jufang is buried under the stars forever..
from ju fang to bu ming where is she now?
who will find her heart burning through the earth?

Her secret lays buried with her, only in harmony with the Dao..
whoever can possess the jade and it does not weigh heavy..
can wake her from her slumber and grant her back her name
Jia Wu! ..even Heaven is weeping are you not purturbed?

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