Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tai Ji Masters...Part 1

I am fascinated by the sheer discipline and unending practice that goes into becoming an adept at any Martial Art. I must admit I harbour a great love for Tai Ji and maybe because I am utterly soft hearted..the whole soft but strong scenario turns me on somewhat. Putting my romantic notions aside for a minute I can visualise the gruelling hardship and sweating bodies, grinding themselves day in, day out in the sweltering heat and the freezing cold. Though I have read in the old Tai Ji manuals that it isn't good to practice Tai Ji when it is windy. I actually did that once and cought a really crazy chill..Never did after that. Yes we have all seen the numerous Wong Fei Hung movies that the Hong Kong Cinema has proudly churned out over the last few decades but is there a film on one very hen hen enigmatic Wang Tsung Yueh I wonder..There is something really cute about this guy but not much is known about him. An excerpt from one of his classic manuals leaves me food for some high dosage thought..

"Taiji comes from infinity; from it spring yin and yang. In movement the two act independently; in stillness they fuse into one. There should be no excess and no insufficiency."


Nanette said...

Thanks for linking to me!

I have taken some martial art classes but never as serious as what you are describing. I really admire their discipline.

Anonymous said...

Me too lol..I wonder what you did study?
I am lazy with my qi gong and tai ji of late..must practice more!