Thursday, November 1, 2007

I was blessed today.

Well I went for Chinese dress hunting again today and thought I might give it another go, so as I was galavanting between Bowery and Canal St I stumbled across Centre street and there it was. A lovely, cosy Chinese Boutique selling intricate jewellery, bags, shoes and of course what else? Chinese dresses and jackets. I must admit the quality was far superior to what I had seen so far and so I started hunting around for stuff. My budget was a meagre 110 bucks but I knew in my heart I would find something. In the course of half an hour going around each item,one by one, checking the size, quality and above all, the price, I found a little blue number that really cought my eye. It was a pale blue dress with delicate bead work and I immediately fell in love with it. Well wasn't I lucky!! There was a 255 sale tag on it and I was exctatic when I tried it on1 It looked great and a perfect fit. So off I went to look for some matching jewellery and guess what? For 90 bucks I bought a dress, earrings, a ring and not only that. I got two bonuses!! The Owners of the shop were so delightful and polite, they also gave me two free bags! One is a tote for all my shopping needs and the other a blue silk bag to go with my dress!!
If you are hunting around in New York for some really elegant clothing, exotic and at very reasonable prices, coupled with great service I would get you to tisit PEONY RED!

They are situated at 217 Centre St, New York 10013 and they also have a website they sell accessories on..

I will go there again for sure!

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