Monday, November 12, 2007

More pining to do..

I only have two weeks left with my Beloved Jia Wu before I return to Merry England, but oh my heart will be heavy with grief as I have to tear myself away from him. Every day I look into his eyes I feel an ever deepening love for him that can never be erased. I hope that we can always be this life and the next one. I hope my memory of him in the other life will be so strong that I can see him again..just as he is now. My shy and most handsome prince Jia Wu!

My eyes, look deep into them and set yourself ablaze
The one who enters the door of Love, in here, forever stays
My wonders hidden in my chest will cease not to amaze
My tears will cool your wondering heart and leave me in a daze

Destiny writes her sacred simbols in the sand
The tears of Li Jufang catch them like falling stars
When will the Hand of Heaven come to rescue her?
As she drowns in the current of her plight?

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