Thursday, November 8, 2007


I am quite surprised and pleased to have met a new friend on Youtube. Funny things happen in our lives and this was really a twist of fate lol. He came on to my Youtube Profile and basically he said my singing sucks ..o.k I got the message and with a bit of banter and jolly jousting we ended up talking in pms on a very bright and gracious note. So you never know who your friends can turn out to be. If you see a tiger in the woods.maybe it can become your pet kitty lol.
I dedicate this post to my new friend from Tianjin..Jack..He is an exponent of Shaolin Gong Fu and I anticipate one day to meet and have gong fu cha with him in some pavilion, who knows we may even climb the Black Horse Mountain together and look for the secrets of the Yin Convergence Classic, just like Li Quan did ages ago. I believe in miracles you know.

Thw pic is a retaurant in Tianjin..I like the old fashioned facade..

This is for you my friend Jack..

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