Thursday, December 27, 2007


Boat Donations are a great way to reach thousands of people in dire need and a great way to recycle your unwanted products. If you have a boat or yacht that is of no longer any use to you then it is needed elsewhere and will be sold on Ebay to raise money for many under privilaged children. Not only will you be helping those in need but you will also save on your tax returns by relinquishing by donation one of your assets which makes this a win win situation all round.
Charity Boat Donations are very well run and organised and you won't even have to pay for donating your boat by way of delivery costs, that is all taken care of by the Ebay site that helps the charities and ex boat owners. Many children from all over the world are given assistance throuh various projects affiliated with the donate a boat program. You can also donate other items like cars and trucks too, so this campaign is not just limited to baots! It is a great tiem to visit this user friendly site if you wish to buy or sell an asset that will be used for charitable purpuses and you can do that online through a friendly customer service.
One of the great projects that is being assisted by the sale of donated boats is the distribution of Free DVDS to many organizations that need them and that benefit through the educational process arising from watching them. How many children have been saved from the onslought of drug abuse by the latest anti drug dvd that has just been released. Mnay churches, civic centres and schools have been exposed to these free educational dvds courtesy of boat donations.
So if you have an unwanted boat or yacht, in whatever condition it may be, please do not just dispose of it as scrap but save a life instead by donating it.

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