Monday, December 3, 2007


Now taking a nice break in a European City can be great fun and looking for Hotels in Berlin or Hotels in Vienna can be equally exciting, sepecially when you know you can get a good bargain without compromising on standards or quality.
Visitin Berlin, a bustling and vibrant city will bring lovely memories for the ardent traveler and is a place that will appeal to all age groups, young and mature. There are over 170 museums situated in Berlin so no shortage of places to visit for the cultural enthusiast. Also dotted with exquisite Castles, the guest can dream of days gone by with princes and princesses and romantic legends of old, making it famously known as the Prussian Arcadia. Berliners often like to do sighseeing of their city on foot which is a fun way of geting around, especially in some magical side roads. There is also plenty of good transport to get around this fabulous city.
Vienna is more delicately placed and of a more romantic nature. Visiting the heart of
Vienna within the city walls, the Innerestadt, is a must for all visitors and there are many parks and beautiful scenery that will be raising even the most cynical of eyebrows. There are lovely shopping facilities and quaint areas to take a snack when tired of shopping around. When one has energy one can visit the Belvedere Palace, one of Vienna's most unique attractions. There is so much to see that one would have to come more than once to this beautiful city. When looking for Hotels in Berlin or Hotels in Vienna, one must remember to bring plenty of extra spending money as there is an inexhastible supply of places to visit and see. The Hotels are so well priced that you will get so much more than you ever bargained for.

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