Monday, December 3, 2007


Kunf Fu Tea..or Gong FU Cha as it is properly the Chinese Art of Tea making and serving.
I love this way of serving tea and these ancient traditions are so so romantic. I wish that we could all learn these kind of things in school, instead ofg only focusing on filling our brains with a load of useless knowlesge that we will only forget as time goes by and never need to use.
I would love to serve tea like this. I had a whole set but lost it when I moved house. I still have the book though and when I get the chance will buy another set and start making it.
I think every tea lover should experience this.
I am a great advocate of tea and I drink loads of different ones. My favourite at the moment is a really bitter tasting one that props up the liver!
The girl in this video is really sweet. I hope I can speak fluent Chinese one day, just like her. Well actually I have a recite my poetry when I make and pour the tea so I make every one cry before they drink their pot of cha..I think people need to be in touch more with their emotions.

Here is also a useful site to teach the novice this great art.

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