Monday, December 3, 2007

I am seeing red..Part 2 Oh Dear! Honglaowai..

I was Googling this morning, searching for a restaurant I had once visited in Wayre that was called China Red. They did the most wicked Peking Duck, sizzling with Hoi Sin sauce, but instead I stumbled across a half naked American guy singing Maoist Revolutionary songs and he sounds a bit drunk to me lol. I have a China Song Lover rival now but I have to admit I am not as gutsy as he is to go around singing topless!! I think only one person is allowed to see me like that!
There are many foreigners like myself who are fascinated with Chinese music, but this was a little beyond me and I was a little shocked. I am still wondering why he is going around singing Chinese songs semi - clad. That is sure one heck of a mystery to me. I am sure we will find out one day.
Anyway I had to post a sample of this guy here because it is hilarious. There is a mixed review of course from our Chinese counterparts who are very critical of foreigners involved in their culture and lifestyle, quite rightly so. They are witty, clever and very perceptive in their critique and I take off my hat to them..yes only my hat, not my top lol!

Here is a sample of Honglaowai as he calles himself..THE RED FOREIGNER.

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