Saturday, January 12, 2008

Henan oh Henan!

It's my birthday tomorrow and as always I feel a little down and nostalgic. I wish to live in other times and other places with old fashioned ideals and what not. Well I am not and living in the techno world can only go back in time via places like youtube for the moment..well until I have enough moola to get on a plane and visit Henan itself. So I thought I would send this little surprise to my Beloved Jia Wu across the Pond. He also has a home on Youtube as Qiman. So I hope my friends will watch his videos too when they have a chance, they are well worth watching.
Here is my gift to you today Jia I can't give you a kiss and a hug and make you a pot of cha at least I can send you this..I hope that our love story won't turn into a Henan Yuxi..I would be heart broken.

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