Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Modern day Chinese hero strikes again.

Here Qiman, a.k.a my modern day Hero combats the untimely truths of today's geopolitical arena in a strking showdown of prowess and marksmanship that leaves any one in who confronts him in awe. He is a man of great depth and Wisdom and I personally for one hope that his predition doesn't come true. We do not want to be slaves os a war machine for much longer and as I see the standard of living for the average U.S citizen falling and the longer hours each must work to be able to fulfill basic needs makes me really think about all this freedom and democracy baloney as they say across the pond. If they are so free then why are most of their taxes going into the war coffers? If that is called freedom and democracy well I really beg to differ. By the way doesn't he look really buff in that rasberry red jacket?

race and war

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