Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new Blog.

I have decided now to make a new blog all about China in a more organized and categorized fashion but will still keep this one running along side it. I decided to go for Wordpress for a change and we will just see hoew it all goes. I do hope it is a success and that I get a good amount of readers coming to it. Let's see. I have learned a lot about seo lately and how I can make it a good blog and get it too be search engine friendly.
I guess we learn new things all the time. I am in Chinatown, Manhattan once again and so am enjoying getting my fresh Chinese veggies for the noodles that my Beloved likes. Let's see what we can go and cunjure up for today's meal then.

Actually I am staying on thsi one. I think my techy friend that was going to help me with the Wordpress blog is too busy so I am sticking to this one for now.

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