Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am staying here.

I have decided to stay on this blog for now as Wordpress is a bit complicated for me but doesn't matter, while I am tweaking this one I am also in the process of revamping all my blogs. I decided to stay on this template but just change the colour and found this nice header of the Great Wall that I thought might give it an organic look.
I removed a lot of rubbish from this blog and am hoping now to put in some more quality content as it was looking too shabby with all the widgets and stuff that were on here. I am going to put stuff that is more relevant to what I am wanting to write about.
I will be more busy on this blog, especially as we are now coming up to the Beijing Olympics
which I wish I could have been there for, never mind I guess China has to wait for next year. We are working on it. Anyway we are giving more love to this blog by blessing it with an Entrecard widget. I am hooked on Entrecard!


mysiraylon said...

I don't know why I followed all the way up in here, ha ha ha. I remember I watch one of your Youtube video, which I first found found when I followed your Isabelmarco Rap I found in Isabelmarco PTC when I login in there... HMMM you really magnetized me all the way to Great Wall of China.

Rachel said...

I find Wordpress overly complicated too and on my only wordpress blog I have no advertising as the ads make the whole blog disappear when viewed in Internet Explorer! I guess it could be to do with my template but needless to say I went back to blogger when I got another new blog!