Monday, June 30, 2008

Hanfu on Ebay.

At last!I have lived to see the day that Hanfu is now selling on Ebay. For the last three years I have been waiting for this as it is difficult for me to buy from Taobao as most don't accept foreign credit cards or currency, or Paypal for that matter and I also found three dresses that I may think to buy for my wedding dress.
Yes we are thinking of the special day to be somewhere in October time and probably will take place in Canada, although I would like a wedding in China too, where my Beloved's family are stationed.
I even found a hanfu named after my superhunk hero Zhuge Liang and so I will get that for Hubby to wear as he is my Jiangjun and the Prince of my heart. Here in Chinatown, Manhattan they only sell qipao and I am saddened at this as the Hnfu is more traditionally Chinese than the Qipao. Anyway I mustn't grumble, now I can get hold of Hanfu easily I will keep you posted on my first purchase AND I will no doubt post a pic.

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