Tuesday, February 5, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR..Xin Nian Kuai Le!!

I will be away from my Zhang Fu this Chinese New Year but I am trying my best to put on a brave face not to upset him that I am feeling the pinch real bad and cried a bit the last few days. I don't care about a red envelope, just I wanted a cuddle and to see his lovely eyes again.
Anyway not to get too much into soppy mode I thought I would post this song that I want to learn and here are the Lyrics and a great Youtube version of it. It might cheer us all up a little.

die ge qian zhi he, zai xi ge hong yao dai
fold a paper crane, then tie a red belt
yuan shan liang de ren men tian tian hao yun lai
wish kind people good luck every day
ni qian lao sheng huo mei, ni jian kang chun chang zai
wish you beautiful industrious life, wish you healthy like spring all the time
ni yi sheng de mang lu wei le xiao zhu yan kan
you are busy all life for a smiley face
da ge zhong guo jie, qing chun feng jian ge cai
tie a chinese knot, ask the spring breeze to cut the ribbon
yuan zu guo de ri yue nian nian hao yun lai
wish motherland good luck each day, each month, and each year
ni feng wu tai ping nian, ni long teng xin shi dai
you dance like a phoenix for a peaceful year, you rock and roll like a dragon in this new age
ni xing fu de jia yuan ying lai bai hua sheng kai
wish your happy family receiving blooming flowers
hao yun lai zhu ni hao yun lai
good luck is coming and wish you good luck
hao yun dai lai xi he ai
good luck brings happiness and love
hao yun lai, wo men hao yun lai
good luck is coming, our good luck is coming
ying zhe hao yun xing wang fa da tong si hai
following the good luck with business booming all over the world.

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